What Makes A Man Think About You All The Time?

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If you’re trying to attract one special guy into your life, you may wonder what makes a man think about you all the time, and what you can do to stay in his thoughts throughout the day. There are a number of approaches you can use, from using totally innocent phrases to more direct and naughty dirty talk, but you need to keep in mind that subtlety is absolutely key.

Men are hunters. They need to be in constant pursuit of something or they’ll gradually lose interest. Techniques you employ to keep yourself embedded in his mind throughout the day need to be subtly employed.

Don’t make it obvious you’re vying for his attention, because that’s the fastest way to ensure you won’t get it. Give him signs, hints, and keep him guessing. Tease, flirt, then act uninterested. It’s when he doesn’t quite know where he really stands with you that he’ll think about you the most.

This is the kind of behavior men are wired to respond to. With that being said, let’s briefly discuss a few of the more effective ways you can keep him thinking about you all the time.

1. Use Scent To Make A Powerful Emotional Connection

It may sound like a simplistic solution, but the fact is, scent is powerfully associated with memory. We’ve all experienced it before: being transported back to another place and time because we smelled some particular scent in the air.

The smell of freshly baked cookies that take us immediately back to grandma’s kitchen. The smell of a cologne that reminds you of your father. Regardless of how you’ve personally experienced it, you know your sense of smell has the power to completely change your outlook and emotions. So use this to your advantage!

Go find a scent that’s unique to you. This may take a little work and a little more effort than a quick trip to the department store. Explore essential oils and alternative fragrances for sale in unconventional places.

Choose a scent that suits you, that fits your personality, and then make a point of consistently wearing it in his presence. He will come to crave the smell, and to associate it only with you. Choosing a unique scent is one of the most effective ways to ensure he thinks of you throughout the day.

2. Show Your Intelligence

It may surprise you to learn that most men want an intelligent girlfriend. So don’t be afraid to express your informed opinion on a subject, or share your thoughts on issues that are a little more meaningful than the banality of the day-to-day. If you can be intriguing, fun, and pique his interest in conversation, it will go a long way toward getting him to think about you all the time.

3. Visual Stimulation

What you show a man, more than anything, is what makes a man think about you all the time. Every woman has something in her wardrobe (or more than one thing) that really accentuates some aspect of her body that’s appealing to the opposite sex.

We’re all incredibly visual animals, but men are even more so than women. So pick out those pieces of clothing you know you look great in, that increase your self-confidence, and wear them in front of him or send him a pic.

Again, the key is subtlety. Don’t strip down and send him a bunch of naked photos or underwear shots. Think “sexy” without being overly revealing. Make him wonder about what’s inside the cookie jar, instead of just sending him the cookies. If you want him thinking about you constantly, appeal to his imagination, and never let him quite figure you out.


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