How To Use Your Eyes To Attract Women

Imagine walking into a night club. You see the most beautiful girl there and lock eyes, in an instant.

You want her badly, and she is walking over, her eyes still locked on yours. Your friends are staring at you in awe. Oh my gosh, what just happened?

This doesn’t just happen in your dreams. It can happen to to you, if you know what to.

Getting the most beautiful girl in the room takes practice, but after mastering a sexy eye gaze you will be able to attract women to you without uttering a word.

Why are the eyes so special?

Eyes are the window to the soul. Our eyes show our thoughts and emotions, and allow us to connect with other people. Confident men hold eye contact, without a second thought. Maintaining eye contact proves total confidence and sexiness in your own skin.

What do women find the most sexy attribute in a man?

Confidence, of course.

It may be easy to get that first lock on a woman’s eyes, but insecurity often leads us to look away, losing our chance. Maintaining that eye contact proves that you are confident and want to connect on a deeper level. Many men are afraid they will show their insecurities to women if they maintain the eye contact, but looking away proves your insecurity and lack of confidence. Even if you are insecure, hold that first gaze for a little longer, and keep looking back until a conversation starts.

Mastering your eye contact is vital to your future success with women. It is the most powerful tool you can use to start talking to that beautiful woman of your dreams.  Combine dominant eye contact with conversation that creates sexual attraction, like that found in Lawrence Lanoff’s Language of Lust program (, and you’ll be well on your way to attracting any woman you want.

How Do I Master Sexy Eye Contact?

1. Browse the Internet for images of men that women think are hot:

This has very little to do with the attractiveness of the men, but how the men look at the women. Look at their facial expressions and try to capture the feeling behind it. This is cheesy, but it works!

2. Get in front of your bathroom mirror:

Take a good look in your own eyes and practice imitating the same expressions from the web searches.  Say some positive things to yourself to boost your confidence with:

“It’s so easy for me to keep eye contact with people.” “I am really sexy and confident with women.”

Practice this daily for a few minutes at a time throughout the day, whenever you go to your room or the restroom. You will feel a little weird at first, but you will get comfortable practicing.

3: Hold eye contact with everyone from now on:

It may be hard at first, but it gets easier. You may look someone in the eyes and quickly turn your head.  This is a bad habit that can be broken with practice.

Now when you lock eye contact with women at the club or in the coffee shop, don’t force anything. Many men feel so awkward that they get a crazy look on their face. Try to be natural and hold eye contact until she looks away first. This way women will think of you as a confident and sexy man.

Keep practicing, and pretty soon you will be sporting that sexy gaze without even knowing it!


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