How To Get A Girlfriend – Tips For The Awkward Guy

The suave debonair.  The charming gentleman.  You’ve seen those type of men- men who can instantly get any woman they want at a drop of a hat- and you want to be like them too.

The problem is, you’re still just as awkward around women as you were when you were in high school.  You stutter, you say weird things, and you basically get in your own way and make a fool out of yourself.  It’s actually quite embarrassing though, and it’s the reason why you have a hard time finding a girlfriend.

Don’t worry though.  Remember, you’re ineptness around women is mostly in your mind and has very little to do with anything wrong with you.  Studying programs like the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) can go a long way to helping you achieve the success you want with women.  NewspaperCat ( and StabilityPact ( are great places to learn more about the GFAS program, but for now, here are a few pointers on how to get a girlfriend if you’re awkward around women:

1. KISS always works

The ancient rule of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) always works, especially in dating and meeting women.  When you’re trying too hard to be funny, it shows.  When you’re saying pickup lines you’ve Googled and memorized off the Internet, it also shows.

Nine times out of ten, women will be able to tell if you’re not being genuine and just making stuff up.  So don’t pretend to be something that you’re not.  For example, a simple “Hi, how are you?” is a good enough intro for a conversation.  There’s no reason to put more pressure on yourself or make things any more difficult than they need to be.

And don’t go overboard on the compliments either.  To a woman you’ve just met, “You look pretty” sounds more genuine than “You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my life.”

2. Charm is the ability to make other people feel good about themselves

If you want to know how to get a girlfriend without being awkward, then remember that dating is not about you.  A real charmer is a man who directs the spotlight onto his date and not to himself.

Ever wondered why people reveal so much of themselves to psychologists and therapists they barely know?  Well, it’s because the psychologists make these people comfortable with them and they ask the right questions.  They can easily create an environment that is conducive to sharing and conversation. Don’t think, “What do I need to do to get this girl to like me?”  Instead, think, “What can I do to make this girl feel good about herself?”

When you put the focus on making her feel special instead of trying to impress her, your interactions with women will go much smoother.

3. Don’t put women on a pedestal

You and your lady love are equals.  You’re both human and you both have flaws.  She’s neither superior nor inferior to you.

If you keep putting women on a pedestal and thinking about them as some sort of unreachable object that you can’t get, then that’s where they’ll remain.  Chances are, that girl you’ve been eying at the bar who seems so perfect to you has all sorts of self doubts and insecurities.  Have the mindset that you are good enough for ANY woman.  Why?  Because you are!


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